Haddstock at Home

During Covid lockdown, we ran an online festival, on the 30th and 31st of May. If you missed it, or would like to see more, it’s stored for you here and on facebook.

The Haddstock Lockdown Sessions!

We’re really excited to present our EXCLUSIVE Lockdown Sessions recorded by Haddstock musicians for Haddstock at Home.

part 1: Murray Briggs / Fabletown / Gallus Crows / Cleary / Basher / Chloe Hawkins / DMS / Lizabett Russo / John Ferrier / Sandie Wyles / Nico G


part 2: Meantime / Chameleon Lady / Dissenter / Charlie Drennan / Sixteen 12 / Nicola Christina / MacFunkel / DD Stirling / Normal Lamont & the Heaven Sent / Lone Devices / Check Masses


part 3: I am Pluto / Gallus Crows / Dropkick / Iain McLeod / Ms Fi and the Lost Head Band / Zoo TG / Einstein’s Wardrobe / Kenny McCabe / MacFunkel / Richard Buchanan / John Ferrier

ELPA: Tinkertown at Home

Join in the creative fun at home and make your own Tinkertown. Here are some ideas from East Lothian Play Association…

Lil: How to make a Bee Hotel

Lil, with Blooming Haddington and other community groups, were due to create bee hotels for the town during Haddstock. We still can! Join Louise from Lil to make your own bee hotel for solitary bees. It’s easy, can be made from things you’ve already got, and supports these vital pollinators.   Keen to find out how you can do a Lil more, everyday, to have a lighter impact? Check out @dolilthings and dolilthings.org for more inspiration.

Haddstock Writers’ Corner

Stephen Barnaby’s Fifty Word Stories

Stephen Barnaby was raised by stoats and left able to communicate only in fifty snuffly, grunty noises, which he then randomly rearranged into Fifty Word Stories, which he has inflicted on audiences up and down the country, and also stuffed into two pamphlets (available today for your edification).

Granny and A Bloke Came Up [this one’s probably not for kids – ED]

Philippa East: Little White Lies reading

Philippa East grew up in Haddington and now lives in the Lincolnshire countryside. Alongside her writing, she works as a Clinical Psychologist and therapist and is one half of the Americana folk duo The Miracle Cure. Her debut novel, Little White Lies, tells the story of how a family copes when their missing daughter is returned to them seven years after her abduction. Described as “compelling” in The Times’ Crime Club and selected as a Paperback of the Month by Women&Home magazine, the book is perfect for fans of suspenseful psychological fiction.

Daniel Allison: Scottish Myths and Legends reading

Storyteller, writer and host of the House of Legends storytelling podcast, Daniel shares one of the stories from his new book Scottish Myths and Legends with us for Haddstock at Home. So curl up with a cuppa, get round the fire (figuratively speaking) and enjoy!

Judy Hayman’s Dragon Tales

Join Katie, Haddstock’s literary chief, for a chapter of Judy Hayman’s book Quest for a Cave. Judy is a local author and would have been reading in person at Haddstock today. Quest for a Cave is the first in her series of stories about a family of dragons. We invite kids to draw a dragon to share with Judy – post it on social media and tag Haddstock!

Authors’ Zoom Discussion

A conversation between three of our lovely Haddstock authors, Philippa East, Stephen Barnaby and Daniel Allison. Keen not to miss out on the chance to meet up and be involved with Haddstock at Home, they decided to get together for a conversation about all things writing, stories and performance.

Philippa recently released her debut novel, Little White Lies (see above). Stephen writes and performs 50 word stories and can regularly be found (under less pandemic circumstances) at Musselburgh’s open floor performance night, Musselburgh Hotpot. Daniel is the  host of The House of Legends storytelling podcast and is regarded as one of Scotland’s finest oral storytellers. His debut novel, The Bone Flute was released late last year and is the first volume of his fantasy series set in prehistoric Orkney. Daniel’s collection of Celtic legends, Finn & The Fianna, will be published by The History Press in August this year.

Dramamill: Space Highlights

Here is a lockdown film by the Dramamill team, and some space ship instruction from Rodney Skywalker (see more Dramamill videos on facebook)

Oi Musica – The Big Social Stomp

Here’s a lockdown creation from Oi Musica called ‘The Big Social Stomp’ – connecting & making music with a whole host of special guests! You can also learn the body percussion rhythm so you can join in at home (note – there’s no need to film yourself and send it to them because, as you’ll have noticed above, their film is out!)

Art Point

Van Goch video: Looking for inspiration? Van Gogh, with his revolutionary style, has been admired for over 100 years and is always an inspiration for us. Look up into the night sky and paint, draw, use chalks or whatever you can find. Painting video: Creativity is so important, especially just now when you can’t go far; but you can imagine, dream and create. Take the brush from us and record your favourite place to be, using any technique. Be part of a creative chain!

Haddstock at Home burgers

Sula and Corran show you how to make their delicious burgers. The recipes (meat and veggie versions) are on this PDF.

Home made lemonade

Rudy and Eli show us how to make lemonade. The recipe: lemon, sugar, water. Mix and taste. Adjust proportions, bicker a little, taste. Approve. Share.

Artist Kate Henderson

Here is a short film about Kate Henderson and her work, filmed in her workshop in Ormiston April 2018. Kate lives in Haddington with her husband and two boys. She trained in stained glass and painting at Edinburgh College of Art and since then has built up a varied portfolio of commissioned stained glass and well received painting for exhibitions, winning awards in both disciplines. She is an elected associate member of the British Society of Master Glass Painters and a professional member of the Society of Scottish Artists. In 2017 she moved into a new workshop in Ormiston where she teaches classes in stained glass and mixed media painting. www.katehenderson.co.uk

Artist Andy Heald

Andy Heald is a Scottish landscape artist whose influences are coastal plains, particularly around Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Borders. He is drawn to the ever-changing appearances of our shared environment and attempts to catch these fleeting moments. Andy lives in Haddington. www.andyheald.com

Tom Fairnie Band Exclusive – Making of Lightning In The Dark

Read the story of the making of Lightning in the Dark and how the “Let’s get Tom to Austin” campaign took Tom from Musselburgh to the US.

No-phone selfies with Made in East Lothian

As part of Haddstock at Home, MADE in East Lothian are encouraging audience members young and old to create a self portrait using a simple technique with materials most people have at home. The idea is to create a big picture of the audience as it grows over the weekend – we’d love to see your No-phone Selfies! Share them on facebook, twitter or instagram and tag us

Steven Polwart’s Guess the Intros Quiz:

35 classic acoustic guitar intros from across the decades, ranging from pretty well known to a few more obscure ones at the end. How many can you guess? Good luck!

East Lothian Flower Farm’s festival flower crown

Here’s a video from Debbie at East Lothian Flower Farm. She shows us how to make a festival flower crown. The second video shows you what to gather from your garden.

Lockdown Community Hero

We asked you to nominate a Lockdown Community Hero, someone who has gone out of their way to help others during lockdown and deserves recognition. The award WINNER is the Haddington Resilience Team.

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