Haddstock brings you live music and events for a weekend in Haddington’s cafes, bars, halls and streets. Bands, local musicians and performance groups of various genres and experience levels play in a community, family friendly environment. Art, music and play workshops for youngsters, schools performances, community arts projects, book signings, art exhibitions, French boules and music in the streets.

2024 was year 7 of Haddstock, organised by Rebecca Dover, co-Directors Helen Wyllie and Simon Walker, and friends who all live in Haddington. The idea was born from a passion for music and culture and the need to bring the arts to smaller towns so local communities can celebrate their musicians and artists. Haddstock is a platform for young and new musicians to come out of their bedrooms/ practice rooms and play to a live audience. We also host established musicians and better known bands and the arts to create diversity and to inspire and influence a new generation of budding musicians and artists.

We rely on funding and sponsorship to cover core running costs to enable the festival to take place and performers are paid by public donation into the Haddstock red top hats. As a young, low budget community festival that is accessible to all, this is a model that enables Haddstock to exist. We hope that you like what we do and we thank everyone involved for their support.

If you would like to volunteer to help us with the event please send us a message via Facebook or email us. We’d love to hear from you! Thanks

Here’s a video by Rob Brady from our very first festival to get a feel of how it all started: